In response to “One Pissed Off Mother”


I have really tried to ignore your ridiculous letter. I have. But I have a few questions. If you are reading this, without knowing me or my little blog, could you please look at the pictures in this post. Tell me which of those beautiful children are autistic? (“retarded” according to you). Can you choose one?

I bet you would be surprised to know that it is my son who has autism or what you called “mentally handicapped”. His name is Timothy. He is a sweet little boy who has no idea he is any different than anyone else. He does not know what hatred is and I pray he will never meet someone like you in his lifetime. He would never understand why someone having never met him would already dislike him so much. Like Max, the harmless boy you referred to in your letter, Timothy does make a lot of different noises,etc when he plays. Most of the time when he is happy. You see, autism makes his brain function differently than yours. He is no less of a person. He still loves, thinks and feels. He just expresses it in different ways. I wonder if you would think he was a “wild animal”? 1 in 88 people are afflicted with autism. I bet there are at least a few with autism spectrum disorders in your family tree at those numbers? If you don’t already, I bet you will soon. Autism is affecting us all like it or not.

I pray that you see the error of your words and the community’s response to your letter. YOU are the minority here.

2 thoughts on “In response to “One Pissed Off Mother”

  1. I can say is WOW! This totally ignorant, uneducated person or persons must be one very miserable person, who has nothing better to do, than type a evil letter anonymously about a beautiful child, who is more of a loving, caring, wonderful and beautiful child.than your kids. You are raising mean spirited evil people, just like you. I work with special needs children, they are beautiful little human beings who deserve love and respect as much as your so called typical children.

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