Falling into old (and new) routines…..

aug 30 2013 1254

Time is getting away from me lately.  Timothy was fitted for his bus vest today as he is harnessed into his seat (picture a straight jacket without the arms and four hooks!)  lol, just kidding-but really that’s what it reminds me of…..  the last three months of school he had some major behaviour problems on the bus.  He would scream bloody murder and thrash about sometimes hitting his head off the windows-I swear this kid has a HIGH pain tolerance.  In essence, he drove his parents, sisters and especially the bus driver completely bananas when we had to go anywhere.  The behaviour therapist thought it was for a reaction, but really?  Aren’t there better ways? 

We actually drove to Florida and back with him doing this, talk about bananas!

I took our two girls for haircuts today-not sure if I’ve mentioned I have other children?  Skylar is now 11 and boy-band crazy (UGH) and Casey 7.

(Picture added of their “do’s”.)

They are pretty excited for grade six and grade two at Ecole Dufferin this year.  I’m not too sure about Timothy, but I’m pretty excited for him to go to school as well.  We have had several “close” calls this summer with him being such a high elopement risk.  Jake has installed chain-locks on the door that drive me crazy but help to keep Timothy in the house and safe.  The screaming has died down fortunately, and is fading away like the summer sun.  Timothy will get his haircut here at home a la Daddy’s clippers.  Every time it gets better.  We started off with the two of us wrestling him in the bathroom, screaming (mostly from Timothy) and now have progressed to a one man job with Timothy in a chair.

I hope to one day be able to take him to a “real” barber shop when he can tolerate it.  His sensory issues make it extremely difficult right now.

Another success to report:  I got a toothbrush in!  Sounds funny, or maybe gross to some, but we haven’t been able to brush the boy’s teeth, like EVER.  He is five years old.  Yep, I know.  We have tried everything.  Washcloths, letting him play with the brush, fancy toothbrushes, ones that vibrate, etc etc.  We did a painstaking study with an occupational therapist for weeks……you could not get a toothbrush near that boy.  The therapist once related it to nails on a chalkboard for him. BUT!  I have been able to “brush” (touch his teeth) with the toothbrush twice in the last week.  Amazing.

Add it to the list of things I’m becoming grateful for these days.  Tiny, little things many take for granted.  Timothy has become my greatest teacher in life.  He teaches me to appreciate every precious moment.  When life sucks, when it doesn’t.  I appreciate whens its just being “ok”. 

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