Rose coloured glasses are all I wear

Today was a great day.  I cried many a tear, but all were happy and joyous tears.

I cried when a friend told me how my blog had touched her, because that is really the reason why I’m doing all this… person who “gets” it makes it worth my time.

My appointment today at Timothy’s school to discuss this years (IEP) learning plan was the second occasion.  They say its “informal” and yet I felt underdressed!  Sitting at a table with the principal, the head of special ed, Timothy’s teacher and his EA; I am handed an eight page document and immediately feel overwhelmed.  His goals, their goals, my goals…it all begins to sound like blahblahblah until something incredible happened:  Timothy’s teacher began to talk about how wonderful the other kids in the class are with him, how some are drawn to him and get excited when he learns something new.  Then S his EA chimed in and said its a class “project” to help Timothy.  I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.  These were the most beautiful words I had heard.  My fears of bullies and rejection had been washed away like the rain and man, that sun was shining SO brightly. 

They talked on, mentioning he had taught himself to READ in class-reading short phrases and words in the classroom.  HOLY COW!  I felt like I was going to burst with pride.

We walked to his classroom where I was to “observe” for a few minutes but he saw me and ran over.  I scooped him up and tried not to cry.  There was never a moment where I was more proud of this boy called Timothy.



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