Happy Turkey (or cinnamon toast crunch?) Day!

Starting to smell good in here…what is it about turkey?

Timothy came home with this yesterday:

Isn’t it darn cute?  His little name on the bottom left corner made me swoon although I realize he must have had a wee bit of help to do that.  No matter.

It was a busy week for us.  Timothy started another group at Lansdowne that is now being cancelled due to lack of participation (from others) so that is a bit disappointing.  It was a “social” group with sounded really promising.  Wasn’t meant to be I suppose.  The cherry on top was the wonderfully amazing phone call from C from respite telling me we were allotted another $800 worth of funding for Timothy to attend program!  Whee!

  I rode the Gravitron at the Simcoe Fair yesterday—lets just say this chick is not what she used to be…..felt a little (ok a lot) nauseous!  The girls and I walked through the barns and they milked a cow-via simulator.  What a hoot!

So much to be thankful for.  So often I look at what we don’t have-but our lives have been blessed with so much richness.  No longer do I see my son as “flawed” or “challenged” because he has become such a gift to my life in so many ways.  My biggest teacher in life.  While we enjoy a turkey feast he will be enjoying his dry cinnamon toast crunch.  To probably one else reading this it sounds like a real junk of a meal but to me I am just glad Timothy is eating and sitting at the table, even for just a few seconds.  He has come a long way.

Two little girls who are smart and sassy (a little too much sass many days) to keep me in touch with my inner child(and diva!).  Very thankful for family and friends this Thanksgiving.  Without you, where would we be?

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