I’ll drink to that.

Sometimes good things come in small packages.  Like TImothy.  But not this week.  This week I wanted to ball up the paper and toss that package waaaay out in the bush.  Its been a long one.  We are back to screaming on the bus unfortunately.  From the moment he steps on and all the way down the street.  The best part is when I can hear the screaming before I see the bus coming on the way home.  HA!  There were a few days we wrestled all the way off the bus and down on the ground.  A few neighbours got the entire circus start to finish.  Initially I was bothered.  I mean, who wants people to see them at their worst?  But this is our reality.  Some days are going to be like this.  On friday, things were back to normal (thankfully). 

Timothy is headed for a swallowing/feeding assessment next week.  I am still very concerned about his nutritional status.  Lately he eats popcorn, cereal bars and dry cereal.  That’s IT.  Little bit of a problem with that!  I would also like to start toilet training or seriously trying.  He will be 6 years old in April.

Next weekend we are headed to the Brantford Autism Support Group Hallowe’en party.  Skylar and I are helping out prior to.  Looking forward to seeing and maybe getting to know some new people with similar issues.  Hoping for some better days ahead.  Cheers to that.


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