Patience for the holidays~

I wanted to get a quick entry done before Christmas and its taken me days to get sat down in front of the computer.  Work, IBI and school in general winding down has taken its toll on our lives and sleeping has become a novelty around here.

Amidst the chaos there is beauty if I take time to breathe it in.  Timothy has been doing well at IBI with less aggression but now is tired and frustrated at school.  His bouts of aggression at home have increased due to him (and us!) being tired of  always on the go go go.  In fact I am currently nursing a sore nose as I type but that is besides the point.  I tell myself he doesn’t mean it, and its because of his frustration, not really directed at us but yet, it leaves me with a dull ache inside my chest.  These kids (all of them) need me and if I can be strong so can they.

Christmas here means a pretty tree and neat decorations that light up and play music.  Its another day to Timothy-one’s meaning that I hope he can absorb eventually.  He’s not interested in the gifts or tearing off the paper or really even the surprise inside.  I hope by sharing this post, I can inspire people to remember to be kind this holiday season.  Not everyone you see “gets” Christmas or can build snowmen or enjoy a parade.  Its damn hard for some.  It brings tears and frustration.  Sadness to families that are celebrating in the only way they can.  That child you see melting down at Walmart or the grocery store may not necessarily be acting out, but responding to stress in the only way they know how to.  I will get off my soapbox now.  Holidays are what you make them. 

Mine is about gratitude.  Alot of it.  I know things could be worse as someone callously said to me once…but there is a ring of truth to it.  We are blessed with three beautiful children and all of them teach me things every. single. day.  No regrets here, not one.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you reading this!  Thank you so much for your support this year it means the world to me.


Trish. xoxo

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