Good riddance January

Wish I could say this year started off with a bang (in a good super awesome champagne cork kinda way) but no it surrrre did not.

Never been a big fan of January, or winter in entirety.  We are going a little stir crazy.  Its been a struggle with Timothy’s new schedule and both of us ‘rents working shifts.  Then it got really hairy when Rec swimming came up which looked like this:  School 9-3, wait for bus at 310 and drive to IBI therapy 315-515.  Pick up and drive to Rec swim until 7 pm.  Pick up and take miserable, hungry and tired kid home to bed.  Wake up in the morning, rinse and repeat.  We had a bit of a scare a few weeks ago with one of Timothy’s school’s connected ECE’s arrested for child molestation.  Errr can someone pass the xanax please?  We are pretty sure our school had no specific dealings with this individual so hopefully there was only one victim(not to minimize).

Thursday was a pretty craptastic day as well.  Timothy has school Tuesdays and Thursdays and he is usually happy to go.  This day was no exception.  I worked night shift this week so off to bed I went while the husband headed over for the results of Timothy’s IQ testing with the psychometrist @ Lansdowne.  I got up for Timothy’s bus and off he gets, happy as a clam.  We were not even through the door to hear the phone ringing and (da da daaaaa) it was school. 

On a side note, if you have ANY autism tenure you will know that anytime the school calls home its not good.  Today was no exception.  Timothy was banging his head off of the floor during a tantrum and one of the EA’s leaned over him to put her hand underneath his head to minimize the impact.  Well, I guess it was a little too close for the boy.  He kicked her square between the eyes.  Jesus take the wheel.  Poor woman had to leave the classroom and get some ice.  Mental note to up all end of the year gifts.

But seriously, I felt terrible.  Really really terrible.  Its not a nice feeling to hear things like that about your kid.  Nobody does.  So that was my first cry of the day.  Second one came a few minutes later when the husband texted me about regarding the results of the IQ testing.  Timothy scored 1’s and less than 1’s.  Neuro-typical kids typically score 4’s.  This was devastating.  In the back of my mind I knew this is what we would hear but a teeny tiny part of me still had hope that it wouldn’t be so.  I did the only thing I could think of.  I called Mom.  I could barely get the words out and then I bawled like a small child.  I am tearing up writing this even now. 

Its not the end of the world.  Nothing has changed.  Just an ugly reminder that, hey- autism sucks sometimes!  But days, weeks and months like this only make me more resilient and determined to give this boy the best life I can.

So I  mop up my face before the other kids arrive home from school as I don’t want to explain to them why I’m upset today.  Not now.  My worries shouldn’t be theirs- not today anyway.

I hate to end this post on a negative so instead I will do it on a shameless brag.  Timothy can say his complete name and his age when asked!  I’m showing everyone.  P-R-O-U-D.  It may present a small challenge in a couple of months when he turns 6 but we will worry about that later. 

For your viewing (and listening) pleasure……..


Red heart Trish.

One thought on “Good riddance January

  1. My eyes teared up as I read about your IQ results and I think that maybe I have an inkling of how you may feel. I think I like the phrase “neuro-typical” so much better than “normal”.

    And while I can’t really relate to the school incident, it makes my heart hurt for you and for Timothy.

    I’m glad you shared the video at the end. Wow, good job Timothy. Your name and age is a big accomplishment. I’m so glad that there are wonderful gifts in the middle of the not-so-great stuff.

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