Pizza and popcorn

Those are food groups aren’t they?  According to the boy they are.

Olive juice.  Remember when  you were a kid and saying “olive juice” made it look like you were saying “I love you?”  Funny.  Not sure what made me think of that. The other day I realized we passed our three year anniversary of the AUTISM doormat…so much has changed.  So allow me if you will, to reflect on what I have learned……

1.  Autism does not define you, it is simply a characteristic.  It makes Timothy a quirky, funny, silly and smart little person.  An after thought.  Not a prelude.  (bookmark that thought).

2.  I am a much stronger person than I thought.  Receiving a diagnosis like autism can be devastating.   For a long time I was in a deep dark place.  Only time, knowledge and empowerment can lift you up and a belief of a higher power, a bigger meaning. Your child will not be who you thought he would be.  He will be much better.  Trust me on this.

3.  I will not be ashamed of my child or allow others to make me feel that way.  EVER.  I am proud, prouder than ever of my son and will not hang my head in embarassment again.  Different is ok.  Different is amazing and it is beautiful.

Off my soapbox now.   If you haven’t caught my drift yet, what I’m trying to say is that YOU are your child’s biggest and best ally.  Stand up straight, shoulders back and face forward.  Its going to be a tough, hard and bumpy road.  But the view along the way is priceless.

DSCF6909Six months before diagnosis.


Dec 2413 4722 years, 10 months after diagnosis.

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