What’s a birthday anyway?

He doesn’t know.  He will be SIX years old this year and has never known what his birthday is or the meaning behind it.   Never tasted a birthday cake.  Never had, or been to a birthday party with “friends”. With every coming year, I vow, this one will be different, he will “get it”.  Timothy will be SIX on April 15, 2014.  I want this one to be different.

So here is what I”m going to do.  I want this post to go viral.  As big and as far as I can get it.  I want this sweet little boy to FEEL it, TOUCH it, SMELL it.  Please help me by sharing, re-blogging, re-posting whatever you can do, please do it.


I am asking, hoping, praying and begging y’all reading to please send him a note or a birthday card.  The cost of a stamp.  I can’t offer anything to you in return, except karma.  GOOD, GREAT and AMAZINGLY wonderful karma for taking the time to do this for him.  Because this is what its all about.


TIMOTHY~ 48 Hollinrake ave, Brantford ON, N3T 0B6

Love T.


10 thoughts on “What’s a birthday anyway?

  1. My husband and I would love to drop off a small gift/card the day of his birthday. Please let me know if this would be okay!! Don’t hesistate to let us know what he likes 🙂

    -From a local family

  2. I wish you the most wonderful birthday… The greatest cake as you never could think… The sweetest persons around you xxx!!!

    1. Hi Kristen
      If you read a little further, I write about Timothy’s diagnosis of non verbal autism.
      Autism makes Timothy quite delayed in his development. He doesn’t understand holidays or birthdays.
      We do celebrate his birthday. I am trying to get him more included in the celebrations.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Dear Trish,
    Your (Timothy’s) story touched me so much. I was reading it at work, which was a mistake, because I couldn’t control my tears. I am going to try and be a better mother… You are doing a great job Trish ….

  4. I will be sending him a little something from all the way from Down Under, from one ASD to another, I heard he likes Thomas the Tank Engine, I have just the thing for him.

    I have read your entire blog in the course of an hour, and spent the last two trying to write the two of you a letter to accompany it.

    It will probably take about two weeks for it to arrive from Australia, but I hope he likes it, and Trish, my own mother wanted me to tell you that you and your husband are not alone, she went through most of the things with me that you are with Timothy.

    But like you, I am a nurse, so there is light at the end, but it is going to be a long, a very very long road to get there.

  5. Hi Timothy! I hope you have a really great day celebrating the special day that is all about Timothy! Birthdays are special because they let us remember the day we were born and became someone special, not just in mum’s tummy, but for everyone around us! This is my special birthday video for everyone that I love. I’m sorry it doesn’t have YOUR name is it, but I hope it helps make your day special! http://youtu.be/dV25YMw6KMI

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