As simple as that

Its April 2, 2014 and World Autism Awareness day.  A usual day for us, Timothy went to work (IBI from 9-3 @ Lansdowne).   On my way to pick him up, I stopped for the mail.  This has become something I look forward to every day as the cards have been trickling in for Timothy’s birthday.  Today, no different.


There were six individual cards and one package from Peekaboo Daycare in Mississauga.  It was stuffed with cards from the kids they work with.  Thirty three individual cards.  Thirty three kids that learned about autism and acceptance.  Thirty three kids that accept my son.  Thirty three kids that maybe like Thomas the train or angry birds too.    I applaud you Stephanie for doing a very important job and teaching these kids about acceptance. 

Thank you.


This is what I’m all about.  Acceptance.  That’s all.  Accept my kid for what he is.    Meet my son everyone.  His name is Timothy.  Timothy is 5 years old.  He likes thomas the train and McDonalds french fries.  He just happens to be AU-some. He’s just a kid who wants to be accepted like anyone else.  More than a diagnosis or label.  This is my Autism awareness.  The life we live every day.


Love Trish.


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