Six days till six

Pretty typical morning for us……get the ladies off to school first @ 0800, then prepare Timothy for “work”.   Unfortunately he was in a bit of a mood this morning as Mama wouldn’t let him open and close all the doors at IBI and gave me a few good kicks and whacks.  You just never know what kind of Timothy you will get….

School has been a bit of a chore for him/the staff lately as he has become reacquainted with his old friend the door.  Open, shut, open, shut, open, shut, open and shut.  Any old door will do.  Obviously this is a safety concern, not only for him getting his fingers caught but for him bolting—and yes he will!  I have applied for a service dog but the application process is quite lengthy (isn’t everything though) and the wait one year +.

Some cool things happening around here.  Yesterday we confirmed date/time with the Brantford Police to come by.  All of the guys and gals at the Station have signed a BIG card and will be dropping it off next week, complete with sirens.  Pretty excited and not sure what the boy will think of that!  The Brantford PD called the day Timothy’s article was published in the Expositor (Friday) as they had seen it and wanted to participate.  I won’t lie, was wondering what I did/husband did/kids did before they explained why they were callingWinking smile

And he was also featured in another blog: Happy Soul Project

On the cardstock of 2014, since you asked——- Timothy has received 182 packages and cards!  For your viewing pleasure:


Poor phone is almost out of room!

Folks, I am so touched.  Can’t really explain how I feel about this but its pretty damn good.  I imagine we will have to open in sessions over a few days as the wee boy has a poor attention span but its something I look forward to very much.  A few daycares and classrooms have invited him to visit and we hope to do so very soon.

Teachers, ECE’s and parents I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching your children about acceptance.  Its one of the best gifts we can pass down to our children and applies to many situations.

Fundraiser is going well- again, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of my community and help from friends and coworkers.  It has occurred to me recently that I need to pay it forward in some way.  Still thinking on this.

The day is getting away from me so I must sign off this post with a light and happy heart.  The next time you hear from me I will hopefully have a little video to share……from the birthday boy himself!



One thought on “Six days till six

  1. Wonderful happy news!!! I’m go glad u gave sunshine in your day !! Can’t believe he will be 6 in 6!!

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