And thud back down to earth we go….

Its been a whirlwind week here for all of us.  Monday was met with a visit from the Brantford Police @ Lansdowne.  The boy was not quite sure with the six men in black standing in his therapy room..(though Mom was quite ok with it!!!) but perked up once we got outside and he was able to sit in the cruiser and then the van.  The patient officers let him sit in both and even press the buttons.  He even gave out a few high fives before we left!

Unfortunately it was pouring rain so a bit difficult to get some good pictures, but I did the best I could.


Tuesday was a school day, so off he went on the bus while I ran off to pick up his Angry Birds cake (which he wouldn’t try despite many attempts) that the rest of us ended up enjoying + the neighbours.  He did like looking at it though…


His day at school went well- the teachers had some helium balloons for him and of course I dropped off 3 XL pizzas that helped Winking smile

Another giant bag of beautifully hand made cards from students from St Basils and also Notre Dame school was sent home with him.

Timothy came home to this:


576 cards and counting….he received bracelets, pictures, stickers and more!  We are so grateful to everyone who took the time to send something and overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone.  I read each and every card and letter.  Timothy’s Daddy and I both cried when we received this one- a very special package all the way from “Down Under” ( you know who you are and we will be in touch) that came with letters addressed  to each of us and some die cast trains.


YOU ALL have amazed me beyond belief.  It was such a great day.

A good friend of mine wrote “you just want them to be able to participate in some simple things in life. I hate the word “normal” but for him to be a normal boy, to celebrate a birthday. To see that he has friends, that people are interested in him. That he matters. That he’s important.”  That my friends, hit the nail on the head.  That is/was my goal with all of this and you have helped me to accomplish it.  Guess what?  He now says, “I”m SIX” and has been singing “happy birthday” all morning.  He gets it.  Mission accomplished.

I’ve prepared a short video to summarize our past couple of weeks that I hope you can find time to watch (its about three mins) as a thank you for making Mr Timothy feel important for a day. 

Timothy turns six!



6 thoughts on “And thud back down to earth we go….

  1. I’m so glad he had a great birthday…my ESL students had a wonderful day talking about Timothy and learning more about autism awareness…they also loved reading about him on your blog…I hope you could read all of the cards a many of my students are just learning to read and write in English…they also sang happy birthday to him in the 15 th…they were excited to see all of his wonderful cards and gifts…our best wishes to you all…Leanne and the kids from Dr. Davey School Hamilton

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