Shake, rattle n roll

I’ve had a lot rattling around in this brain (?) of mine these past weeks.  Trying to summarize my thoughts of the Great Cardstock of 2014……our road trip to Florida with an ASD kid….Most often I feel like I ride the roller coaster of life and for a month or so we went up up up so high and so far.  Timothy was in a good(well, better) cycle of behaviour which means he hits less often and listens a little better.  He seems happier in his skin when he is like this and less troubled…which makes me happy and less troubled.  Chicken or the egg, I guess.

First order of business.  So friends and family we topped 700 cards!  How unbelievable is that!  I am so pleased for Timothy.  My original plan of making a scrapbook is not really going to work now…seventy scrapbooks?   What a delicious problem to have….

timothy (2 of 41)

I also need to thank Jamie of Parklyn Photography for shooting Timothy for FREE as a gift to our family.

Tuesday before we left for vacation, Timothy was invited to Robert Little PS in Acton by a wonderful teacher by the name of Mrs. Jeddore.  He was invited to visit the classroom of some children who made many beautiful birthday cards for him. He was treated to some pretty awesome gifts and even more cards! It was a little rough at first (doors again) and over stimulation but we worked it out thankfully and ended the visit with some play time outside.  I have never seen such well behaved kindergarten children!  Thanks again for having us.  We are really so very grateful.


Off we went April 24 by van to Clermont, Florida.  Anyone care to know what that was like?  Surprisingly enough, the car ride not terrible.  We break frequently and spend several nights in hotels.  However, the rest of the trip, besides swimming was not great for Timothy.  His recent obsession with doors (any doors) has made for many safety concerns (and headaches) for us.  Thankfully the swimming pool was fenced and child proof.  Did we eat at any restaurants?  Nope.  Did he make it to Universal Studios?  Nope.

If you were keenly reading above-you notice I said Timothy was in a good cycle….well that didn’t last unfortunately.  His behaviour was pretty terrible at least 50% of the time which meant any family activities were slim to nil.  Every meal we ate had to incorporate something for him which meant, yep, pizza, PBnJ and McDonalds fries…….if I see another fry any time soon I will hurl….just sayin’…


Was this any surprise to us?  Not really.  I guess I was more hopeful than anything that he would be able to tolerate a bit more.  It just reminds me how unpredictable he can be.  So it leaves me wondering, is it okay to leave him with family next time?  My heart feels heavy to think it, but the rest of our family matters too.  Just like everything else in our lives, its up in the air…to be decided by Timothy when/if he is ready.

So back to real life we go- two eldest in school and Timothy back to IBI.  Jake and I back to work Monday.  It was really wonderful to have my family all together at once for such a long period of time, don’t get me wrong, I would not trade any second of it.  Not one.

Someone once asked me if I will share my blog with him one day, and the answer is YES of course.  When he is able to sit still for a few seconds, I will read it to him.  And if he wants me to stop writing, I will.  I will explain to him how important it was for me to write, to share our journey together and how much he has progressed.  How proud of him I am.  As proud of him as I am of my girls.


These memories will be tucked away in a corner of my heart forever.  Back on the rollercoaster we go.  All I can hope for is more ups than downs….and so far so good.


HEART Trish.

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