What’s a disability to you?

What’s it look like?  Is it ugly?  Is it deformed?  Is it always obvious?  Heck no.  Many of you who know me in real life know that I have a mental health back ground and although this blog is not about me, sometimes it intertwines with autism.  Today it does.  Looking at my child, you may think hey, he looks like a normal boy!

(well at least I think so and even a little bit cute)


How about this girl?  Does she look different?teenager

The point I”m trying to make here is that not all disabilities are OBVIOUS.  Yeah, my son has autism.  Its pretty bad.  He also has a curious mind and a loving heart.  Is that tattooed on his forehead?  Nah.  The girl above?  She has debilitating social anxiety.  Obvious?  No way.  But she looks “normal” so her life must be perfect and she’s pretty so it must be pretty awesome to be her.

When we were on vacation a few weeks ago and my son was having a meltdown, several gawkers felt it their place to make comments to my poor husband about “teaching him respect” yadda yadda yadda.  I didn’t know this happened until much later, but had I been there in the moment and heard I would have lost my freaking mind.  How about you be respectful and mind your own business?  Not all differences are obvious.  On this same vacation my kid pointed at a bird for the first time.  When I say this, I mean he pointed at something for the first time.  Pretty proud moment for us.  I do realize that on the developmental level, pointing is about at a 9 month old baby’s level.  But for my 6 yr old Timothy?  Amazing.  Beautiful.  A definite day to mark in the books.

Another pretty cool thing is happening this weekend if you happen to be around our area. Our family is hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for Autism locally.  Click on the link below for more info and address please:

Team Timothy Family Fundraiser

Also wanted to note, my blog has found a new home on Facebook and also on Twitter!  Acceptance is growing and I”m pleased to be a part of it.


Love to you all,



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