I didn’t see that in the manual

When we all “signed up” as parents there should have been a handbook or a course, no?  Cause if there’s something I missed back then I’d like to sign up.  Sigh.  Now that the days are becoming longer; which are truly an ASD’s parent nightmare (“its not dark, therefore I can’t sleep, its not time yet) life has slowed just a touch.

The “rules” still apply in Timothy’s life and it doesn’t matter if its a holiday, weekend, younameit, we follow them.  Or pay the price.  Wake up at 7 (after being up several times through the night), have breakfast.  Get dressed for therapy or for school.  Be there for 9, stay until 3pm.  Come home.  Eat.  Prepare for swimming or another therapy session from 315-515 and 5-7 swim.  Come home.  Bath.  Computer.  Bed.  Trust me when I say we cannot deviate from the routine as hell will surely ensue.  I think this is why vacation doesn’t work with Timothy.  There are no rules.  No structure- which may be wonderful for the rest of us- but tortuous to him.

Today is a good day.  He seems to be enjoying a little downtime and boy am I as well.  I realized this morning I haven’t told you all how wonderful last weekend was!  We have had a terrible flu running through our house since Sunday night.  Trying to return rental items from the fundraiser while desperately trying not to vomit in the store or poop your pants on the way home.  Sound fun?  Yep.

Last Saturday was Team Timothy Fundraiser @ TB Costain CC.    Regardless of numbers (about 100?) we had an excellent day and I consider it a huge success regardless of whether we made $10 or $10000…….money is still coming in slowly with one more event tomorrow:

Team Timothy 31 Fundraiser

But we have surpassed $1000 and I am thrilled.  We are so thankful for the help of friends, family and local businesses who I will link at the bottom of my blog- please have a look.  Couldn’t have done it without you all out there in internetland!  Thank you.

I am working on the thank you cards as time will allow today and doing my best to get them out to you all shortly.

Every waking day that passes has become purposeful.  When I am broken and feel like I can’t make it another day, my husband reminds me that we are in this together and maybe forever.  We are IT for Timothy.  Perhaps for the rest of our lives.  This has been a cause of great stress and heartache for me as Timothy grows taller and is becoming more aggressive.  Sometimes I don’t like him.  I love him, always and more than myself but God knows some days I don’t like him.  That was real hard to type.  I hope you reading this are not getting the wrong impression of me.  I am a fighter and will fight to the end for my son and my other children but this is a journey of honesty.  Take it as you want.

As for me, today is another day and I have already let go of yesterdays hurt.  We will soldier on and continue to do the best we can and give all we have to give.

Forgot to mention how awesome it was to meet some of you in real life last weekend!  Many approached me, some with ASD, some parents of ASD and offered words of encouragement and hope.  Lots of tears, lots of laughs and surely something we will do again.  Bigger, better and improved!  Just like me!  (except the bigger part)

Love Trish.


Some pictures from our fundraiser:


Special thanks to Jake Rhynold, Deb and Chad Crooks, Graham Rhynold, Tim, Sarah, Alysha and Chelsea Klein, Jared, Stephanie Suggitt, Ashley Hudson, Melanie McDermott, Michelle, Jennifer Vanderploeg, Candace, Dana and Rick Tremblay, Melody Spear, Sherry Anderson Eacrett, Kari Pattinson, Nicky Paniccia Gayle Spear, Brandi Butler, Melissa Myke Levesque, Lilo from SC.

Businesses that donated and Sponsors of prizes: The Keg, Golf North, Dairee Delight, The Little Cheesecake Truck, Echo Bowl, Twin Valley Zoo, Bingemans, Lazermania, Dueys, Forgetmenot, Parklyn Photography, The Cake Place, Kneaded Care, Odyssey Spa, Kirstens Back Porch, Crockadoodle, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Beyond the batter, Purity Life, EG Elliott and Sons Meats, Amy Csordas of Twinkle Cheeks Artistry, 31 by Summer McFalls, The Pink Pineapple Boutique,Cindy Smith, Marcy Waud, Cynthia and Richard Plouffe.

~Pls message me if I’ve forgotten you, going by memory it was not intentional!

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