What next?

School year complete- check.  Kids home every day-check.  Mom’s got a one way ticket on the crazy train- now boarding.

Timothy has therapy four days a week, Tuesdays at home so I have to make sure I clean at least once a week.  The animals have voiced their displeasure with the situation.  Pretty sure we all prefer school friends.  Last week was a doozy.  Timothy vs Doors.  We have been trying to limit his ummm “exposure” with doors @ the advice of the therapists and they have been successful.  Me not so much.  So off we go from therapy Wednesday with me putting hard limits on him.  He’s not pleased.  In the least.  So he takes off and runs between the cars in the lot….CLOSE to traffic.  Almost to the point of me yelling for help which I never do.  I always “handle it” no matter how bad.  After ten minutes of him dodging me and playing possum I caught him, wrestled him into the car.  For forty eight pounds he is strong.  I have a hard time with him now when he is like this.  If I’m not careful, he gets both hands in my hair and God help me he doesn’t let go.  Mercifully I got him in his seat, screaming bloody murder (him, not me) and he began to focus his blows on the doors and windows.  Again, at the advice of the therapists, I ignore, turn up the music and drive.  Because of the screams I keep the windows up and it is HOT.

I pull into the drive and brace myself for round two.  At this point, most of our neighbours either know about Timothy or are convinced I am a monster as many have witnessed us dragging the boy in the house.  This day, no exception.  It was another production, dragging him inside while he tried to strike out and kick up TWO flights of stairs (why did we buy a three storey home) and into the safety of his room to calm down.  For sanity’s sake we have a child proof handle on his door.  Times like these we need it.  After half an hour of screaming and pounding on his door he is finished.  I open the door and he comes down when he is ready.  Doors 1- Timothy 0.

The autism in him has quelled and again he is Timothy, a sweet and happy little boy.

Photo: S'mores

We joined Autism Ontario @ Twin Valley Zoo on Saturday as well and eventually enjoyed a few hours there.  Timothy had a meltdown because of a) the line and b) the doors.  After half an hour of screams, hits and laying on the ground we were able to continue.  I was a little sad to see many parents gawking at him….weren’t these ASD parents as well?  Shameful.  I kept my temper in check and we enjoyed our time there, my word it was hot.

Tricia Rhynold's photo.Tricia Rhynold's photo.

Medication is still going….we expect there will still be bad days but as long as the good are there too, all is well.

Summer has come in like a lion (or bear) and hopefully will go out like a lamb.

Thanks again Autism Ontario!


Love Trish.

#autismontario #asd #problembehaviour

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