Its not worth it..

Trying to fit in.  Trying to force my 6 year old son with autism to be like the “normals”  (it just sounds better than neuro-typical, don’t you think?)  Sssshhh -ing him in McDonalds on a rare occurance that we are brave enough to take him in when he is making his happy sounds….  Wait a minute…..Why exactly is this rare? I’m not embarassed of my child.  Hell to the no.  Do the gawkers wear me down?  Absolutely.  But why should we care so much?                 Why do I want him to conform; to be like everyone else?

He wouldn’t be Timothy if he didn’t make funny, silly, sometimes strange faces…….


He wouldn’t be Timothy if he didn’t make the couch rock back and forth with his happy stimming bounces.


He wouldn’t be Timothy if he didn’t bring me to tears with a single word or gesture that other children his age did years ago.  Or at the same time bring me to my knees with sorrow or make my heart full with pride.

He wouldn’t be Timothy without autism.  I couldn’t be Timothy’s Mom (who happens to feel pretty damn lucky to have such a cool kid) without autism.


Hang on a second.  I probably could.  But it wouldn’t feel this amazing.



tHe BoOk Of TiMoThY oN fAcEbOoK

tHe BoOk Of TiMoThY bLoG

~This post is dedicated to the memory of Alice Ishkanian. May you RIP.

One thought on “Its not worth it..

  1. Timothy is perfect just the way he is. You shouldn’t have to teach him to fit in with what is considered “normal” Timothy is his own person and people need to realize that the world is full of all different kinds of people and these wonderful children who have autism are beautiful unique individuals who can teach us all MANY lessons…. be kind, be yourself, love people the way they are! You’re awesome Timothy. I wish I could see you in McDonalds because I would want you to make all the noise you want. Express yourself because you can! You are one lucky boy to have such an amazing mom and she is lucky to have you as her son!

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