Project Timothy OCTOBER winner~ Leroy!


October had a clear choice for our PT winner……….I belong to a few autism support groups for parents, and this Mama stood out to me last week for a great reason.  Read on to find out why….
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Sarah writes
“Ladies and gentlemen our children have feelings.( As I write this I am crying.) I told my son he needs to make his list for Santa which normally has only one thing on it but this year he brought me a paper that his teacher had helped him write. The list was very, very long and had strange things on it like toys for infants and in the corner his teacher wrotethe most wonderful caring child I have ever had.” So I ask him, why he has all the baby toys and this is where he got me…. He said, “Oh mom I’m not getting stuff for me this year, I made a list for kids who have nothing” (so proud and yet so sad) . This year he is giving up his Christmas for other kids, I say;so be it. Santa is going to have a HUGE present just for him, under the tree. I love our kids. People are so mean and judgmental of them, and they are sweet and kind. They may have their meltdowns but what kids don’t?”  Totally agree Sarah………
I immediately messaged her wanting to know more about her and her son with the big heart.
His name is Leroy and he is 8 years old.  In addition to being extremely sweet, he has ADD/ADHD combined types, ODD, OCD and high functioning ASD and SPD.( See bottom note for an explanation of all of these diagnosis’)
His favorite things are mac and cheese and cereal and his favorite tv show is power rangers.  He also LOVES super heroes.
Timothy and I figured we would send Leroy a little something to put under his own tree this year~ as well as donate some toys to the local Nova Vita Crisis Centre for abused women and their children, in honour of Leroy M who lives over the river in Colorado.  Please see the link to Nova Vita below for more information and to donate.
~Picture and story shared with permission from the family.
You’ve made it this far, why stop now?
I created Project Timothy not only to spot light some really fantastically (my own word) special kids, but also to break down the barriers to some of those acronyms.
Here are Leroy’s acronyms, some of which are shared by my own child as well ~ in a nutshell thanks Wikipedia!

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