The thank you I never got to say….

Its a long list I”m not gonna lie peeps.

When I’m in the zone (you know that eye-twitching-glazed over one) when the boy is having a tantrum on the floor in the middle of the therapy lobby…..shins getting a mean beating from his furious kicks~ thank you to the parents that don’t stare.  Thank you for your supportive silence and thank you for not commenting on my child’s behaviour.

Thanks to the Tim’s cashier who didn’t laugh at my son who stripped in front of the donut display because well donuts and being in your skivvies go together right?

Thanks to the (many) therapists that take punches, scratches and kicks from my child without blinking an eye.  Thank you for your supportive silence while I apologize in tears like a blubbering idiot.

Thank you various drive thrus for not questioning my use of sunglasses at all hours of the night because my eyes are puffy and red from crying about things I cannot change.

Thank you to the doctor who diagnosed my son.  I can’t say I felt thankful that day years ago, but I realize you gave us a gift that I wouldn’t dream of re-gifting. 

Thank you to my friends and family for watching my endless videos of Timothy saying actual words and listening to me gush.  Thanks for not saying you have already seen it five times.

Thank you to the respite programs for giving us Moms and Dads a break.  For understanding and not making me feel guilty for actually using the hours to do something for myself or with the other kids.

Thank you to my daycare provider.  Not only do you put up with me, you are the only one willing to take on my special needs kid….(just kidding)  I mean, who really wants to change diapers for a 6 year old?  You do it anyway.  Thank you for that.

Thank you to Timothy’s Daddy.  Autism has changed us both and I thank you for being open minded and always accepting, never ashamed.

Finally, thank you to my son.   You are the greatest teacher I have known in this life and you are only six years old.  You are smart and so amazing.  You have opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful things.  Without you, I wouldn’t be me.  I will spend every day I have left on this earth thanking you for that.

2014-08-07 22.00.44

HEART Love Trish.

tHeBoOkOfTiMoThY oN fAcEbOoK

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